Merry Meet and Welcome to the Daily Enchantment!

My name is Mira and I am Wiccan and an Eclectic Witch.  

On this site, I will share some tips and ideas about Wicca and witchcraft. These will range from discussions about Wicca or witchcraft to grimoire inspiration and Sabbat celebration ideas. Near Sabbats and Esbats, I will post an article pertaining to the particular day. Barring unforeseen events, at least one article will be posted every Thursday at 8 A.M. 

In order to properly provide information, there will be many times I redirect your attention to other posts, definitions, or images. When I do so, I will cite the source by putting an asterisk(*) next to the information in my post and putting source information and links at the bottom of the post. If ever there is a time I do not properly (according to the guidelines I have previously set) cite my sources for information, please feel free to email me and let me know. I always want people to get credited for their work.

I also enjoy taking requests for posts, answering questions, and learning different methods of magic, so, please, feel free to contact me with any suggestions, questions, or comments you might have for me. 

Merry Part and Blessed Be!